Sports Recovery Program

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Sports Recovery Program
At The Pain Relief Practice, we understand that the body of a person playing sports is different from a normal person. By combining advanced technology and more than 10 years of experience, we can help you to speed up your recovery and achieve your functional goals. We provide prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of sports-related injuries with emphasis to enhance your performance.

Join the sports recovery program now if you need:
1. Post-surgical rehabilitation
2. Fast recovery from injury
3. Specific exercises for sports injury prevention
4. Individually tailored exercise to improve your performance

The Sports Recovery Program may include:

1. Radiofrequency Therapy
Uses radio-frequency energy to accelerate natural healing processes, reducing        your pain and inflammation in the joint or muscle from the first session

2. Physiotherapy Exercises
Muscle specific stretching and strengthening to maximize function of your muscles

3. Deep Tissue Release
Release the tension of deep muscles not accessible by normal massage.

4. Plyometric Drills
A very important part of sports rehab to improve explosive strength and sports performance

5. Sports Specific Training
A customized exercise program specific to your sports to facilitate safely return to play 

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The only way to know how much better you can feel is to try





一个运动员的身体与常人不同。通过先进和超过十年经验的技术, 我们可以帮助您加快复原的时间。这疗程能预防运动损伤,也可以提高您的运动表现。



  1. 手术后的复健
  2. 受伤后快速复原
  3. 预防运动损伤的训练
  4. 特定的运动锻炼, 以提高您的体能




  1. 射频治疗

使用射频能量来加速自然愈合过程, 从第一次就会减少关节或肌肉的疼痛和发炎。


  1. 物理治疗

特定的肌肉伸展和强化运动, 以最大限度的发挥您的肌肉功能。


  1. 深层肌肉按摩

可以解决身体深处,无法通过正常按摩释放的肌肉痛点 。


  1. 运动训练

一个为您而设的运动锻炼计划, 方便您安全返回比赛。


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