Knee Pain Recovery Program

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Knee Pain Recovery Program

Do you experience one of the following?

  • Pain or stiff causing difficulty in bending/straightening the knee
  • Pain or stiff on the knee when trying to get out of bed
  •  Pain or stiff standing up after sitting for some time
  • Pain causing difficulty with walking/stairs
  • Swelling over the knee joint

If you are, join the knee pain recovery program now to start moving without pain or stiffness again!

Combining advanced technology and more than 10 years of experience, the Knee Pain Recovery Program is specially designed to provide effective pain relief for your knee problem.

The program is extremely comfortable and there is no down time needed, allowing immediate return to work and normal daily activities. All the components within the program are supported by multiple medical studies, proving effective results, gaining popularity with top level athletes and patients with difficult pain problems.

You will feel a clear improvement from the very first treatment!

The Knee Pain Recovery Program may include:
1. Radiofrequency Therapy
Uses radio-frequency energy to accelerate natural healing processes, reducing your pain and inflammation in the knee from the first session

2. Physiotherapy Exercises
A form of therapeutic exercise consists of stretching and strengthening of the muscles to provide better support for your knee

3. Shockwave Therapy
Breaks down dysfunctional tissue to help the body to recover fully. Extremely useful for knee tendon or trigger points on the muscles around the knee.

4. Joint Mobilization
A safe and specialized technique to reduce stiffness of your knee joint, allowing you to bend or straighten your knee with ease.

5. Deep Tissue Release
Release the tension of your knee muscles that may be located deeper than usual, not accessible by normal massage.

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