Neck Pain Recovery Program

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Neck Pain Recovery Program
Do you experience one of the following?

  • Stiff or painful neck after working on the desk for some time
  • Pain on the neck with certain direction of neck movement
  • Discomfort causing difficulty with thinking or focusing
  • Radiating pain or numbness down your arm or hand
  • Persistent neck pain after an accident

If you are, join the neck pain recovery program now to get rid of your neck pain! 

Combining advanced technology and more than 10 years of experience, the Neck Pain Recovery Program is specially designed to provide effective pain relief for your neck problem. 

The program is extremely comfortable and there is no downtime needed, allowing immediate return to work and normal daily activities. All the components within the program are supported by multiple medical studies, proving effective results, gaining popularity with top level athletes and patients with
difficult pain problems.

You will feel a clear improvement from the very first treatment!

The Neck Pain Recovery Program may include:
1. Radiofrequency Therapy
Uses radio-frequency energy to accelerate natural healing processes, reducing your pain and inflammation in the neck from the first session

2. Spinal Decompression Therapy
Reduces the loading pressure on the spinal discs to facilitate healing and your recovery

3. Physiotherapy Exercises
A form of therapeutic exercise consists of stretching and strengthening to restore the muscle balance around the neck

4. Joint Mobilization
A safe and specialized technique to reduce stiffness of your neck joint, allowing you to move your neck freely without pain

5. Deep Tissue Release
Release the tension of deep muscles around the neck not accessible by normal massage.

6. Postural Correction
Strategies and tips to help you with appropriate posture to recover from pain caused by postural stress 

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The only way to know how much better you can feel is to try




长时间的使用电话或电脑 , 使颈部感到僵硬或疼痛



 手臂或手部有疼痛, 麻木感



如果您有这些症状, 现在就来体验一下消除颈部疼痛的疗程, 摆脱疼痛之苦, 让颈痛得以改善!




此疗程无不适感, 一般都能继续日常活动。疗程中的所有组成部分都得到了多项医学研究的支持, 非常有效, 并受到了顶级运动员和疼痛患者的欢迎。


第一次治疗, 就能感觉到明显的改善!




  1. 射频治疗

使用射频能量加速自然愈合过程, 从第一次疗程开始减少疼痛和炎症


  1. 脊柱减压治疗



  1. 物理治疗

其中一种物理治疗的形式是伸展和锻炼肌肉的力度, 为你的颈部提供更好的支撑。


  1. 深层肌肉按摩

可以解决身体深处, 无法通过正常按摩释放的颈部肌肉痛点 。


  1. 关节调整


一种安全和专业的技术, 以便减少颈部关节僵硬, 提高您的颈部灵活性。


  1. 姿势矫正

利用适当的技巧帮助患者纠正姿势, 以便减轻疼痛。


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