How Do I Treat Knee Pain With Physiotherapy?

On July 2, 2012


Physiotherapy is a critical component in the treatment of knee pain. Your physician can prescribe something for pain and inflammation, but the knee is a joint and requires therapy to promote complete healing of a knee injury or condition.

The treatment of your knee pain with physiotherapy will take some time and effort on your part. Your therapist will do work in the therapy gym, whirlpool and then you will do exercises at home. All appointments need to be kept and instructions from your therapist carefully followed. Read more

Knee Pain: Causes and Treatments

On April 9, 2012



The Knee

  • The knee is designed for mobility and stability
  • Along with the hip and ankle, it supports the body when standing, walking, climbing and during sports activities.
  • The knee consists of two joints, the knee cap joint or patellofemoral joint and the joint between the long bones or tibiofemoral joint.
  • These joints are interposed by articular cartilage and menisci, and further supported by soft tissues such as the synovium, ligaments, capsules, bursa, fat pads and muscles. Read more

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