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Why Choose The Pain Relief Practice?

We employ a unique 3-step clinical approach to help you live a life free from pain.

Combining advanced tissue repair technologies, hands-on physiotherapy and natural nutraceuticals, we provide an all-encompassing approach to addressing your pain.

Let us help you be free from pain today.


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Our 3 Step Clinical Approach

  • Advanced Tissue Repair Technologies

    Radiofrequency Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that activates cell metabolism restoring its natural balance, increasing vascularisation and internal temperature of the targeted tissues. The result is a faster acceleration of the natural healing process in the human body, reducing patient’s pain and inflammation from the first session. It is supported by multiple medical studies proving effective results, gaining popularity with patients of difficult pain problems. 

    Shockwave Therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment which uses powerful acoustic energy to stimulate deep tissue repair. It is applied directly to the site of injury creating a series of intense physical energy waves. This acoustic energy waves stimulate healing process and breaks down dysfunctional tissue. Clinical studies have shown extremely high success rates, even in cases that have failed to respond to conventional approaches. 

  • Hands-On Physiotherapy

    By focusing on specific areas of your musculoskeletal system that are affected by pain, injury, disease or trauma, our physiotherapists are able to target treatment and develop a customized recovery plan.

    In addition to powerful new options such as Shockwave and Radiofrequency Therapy ,  effective traditional treatments include: Joint Mobilization and Spinal Decompression.


  • Natural Nutraceuticals

    With global aging populations, coupled with an increasing awareness of the importance of exercise, there is a growing epidemic of people suffering from neck, back, knee and other joint problems as a result of muscle injuries and joint degeneration. At The Pain Relief Practice, as part of our 3 Step approach, we recommend only natural products which have clearly benefited our patients.