Regain A Pain Free Life, When Nothing Else Works

Solve your pain condition from the comfort of home with Singapore’s first web based Pain Recovery Program

  • Extensive clinical experience by our international team of Australia and New Zealand trained physiotherapists
  • Cutting edge American, British and German regenerative medical technology
  • Nutritional supplementation back by medical science and oriental tradition
  • Singapore’s professional healthcare quality assurance

How It Works

  • Tell us about your condition in a 5 mins simple health questionaire.
  • Receive a customized treatment plan from our physiotherapist.
  • Receive a Recovery Package every month which includes a holistic combination of:
  • Cutting-edge medical therapeutic devices you can use at home
  • Powerful natural supplements
  • Detailed exercise video demonstrations
  • Self-care therapy aids

Reasons To Use A Pain Recovery Program

  • Get the latest practical research on your pain condition.
  • Save time and money from repeated physiotherapy and chiropractic visits.
  • Benefit from specialized treatment programs developed by doctors and specialized physiotherapists.
  • Differing local medical standards can mean that your doctor may not know about or discuss some treatments you need to know about.
  • While many self care approaches, home care techniques, and OTC (over the counter) solutions can be bought at the local pharmacy or researched online, it is difficult to decide which are safe, effective or potentially dangerous when used wrongly.
  • Avoid invasive, risky and costly treatments when safer, cheaper, and more effective solutions are available.
  • If the latest medical treatment options are not available in your country, it is now possible to buy specific therapy systems online for home treatment under the supervision of your local doctor.
  • We guide you to some of the latest, cost effective international treatments available.
  • If you decide to visit Singapore for medical treatment, connect directly with top Singapore doctors through our FREE medical concierge service.
  • Learn practical tips about:
    • How diet and nutrition are essential for a full recovery
    • How exercises can be helpful and how they can also make you worse
    • Simple self treatments that work
    • Common mistakes that could be preventing you from getting better
    • New clinical solutions for difficult medical conditions